Thioctacid/thiogamma 600 Mg 50 Ml



Thiossen turbo 600 mg 50 milliliter infusion bottle – Wörwag, Germany

Liver protection – glucose management – diabetic aid – powerful antioxidant – anti cancer (can be mixed with vitamin C infusions to increase potency)

Against discomfort with disturbed nerve function caused by diabetes (diabetic neuropathy)

Application / dose

1 ready made bottle for infusion fifty milliliter containing 600 mg of active ingredient alfa-lipoic acid.
With strong sensations in adults is one times the suggested daily infusion of 300-600mg drug alfa-lipoic acid in 250 milliliter isotonic sodium chloride solution
The infusion solution concentrate is administered as an infusion in 250 milliliter isotonic sodium chloride solution over half-hour.

Cover the mixed infusion solution instantly when preparation with Al or black foil to guard against light (life about six hours).


Alpha-lipoic acid (LA), conjointly called thioctic acid, could be a present compound that’s synthesized in little amounts by plants and animals, together with humans. Endogenously synthesized LA is covalently sure to specific proteins, that function as cofactors for many necessary mitochondrial enzyme complexes. additionally to the physiological functions of protein-bound LA, there’s increasing scientific and medical interest in potential therapeutic uses of medicine doses of free LA (3). LA contains 2 thiol (sulfur) teams, which can be oxidized or reduced . The reduced type is thought as dihydrolipoic acid (DHLA), whereas the oxidised type is understood as LA (4). LA also contains an uneven carbon, which means there are 2 possible optical isomers that are mirror pictures of every different (R-LA and S-LA). only the R– isomer is endogenously synthesized and bound to protein. Free LA supplements might contain either R-LA or a 50/50 (racemic) mixture of R-LA and S-LA (see Supplements below).

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