Testosterone Enanthate Genesis (250 Mg/ml) 10 Ml, Price is Each Per Vial!



Product: Testosterone Enanthate
Manufacture: Genesis
Quantity: 250 mg/ml
Pack: 10 ml

Steroid cycle: bulking

Active substance: Testosterone Enanthate



Testosterone enanthate injection is found to be one of the most popular drugs of testosterone, created based on the same long acting steroid. According to its androgenic and anabolic properties corresponding to pure testosterone, but has a long-term activity for about two weeks. Injection will allow the athlete in a relatively short period of time to achieve weight gain, increase the performance of power, endurance and stimulate regenerative processes in the body.

Also for the injectable steroids athletes increase overall body tone and reduce stress on joints due to accumulation of water. Well suited for professionals and newcomers who are starting to experience.


Since the beginning of the 1950s, the Western world became aware of testosterone enanthate. At that time, this medicine was the found to be the first appearance of oil-based steroids with an extended action, so that the great popularity that has been provided. As a result, demand for enanthate did not diminish: the guarantor of continued success is the high efficiency as how sports doping, and the drug for human use.

testosterone enanthate and is being used today for replacement therapy and treatment of a variety of diseases – of stunting in young people up to the oncologia for older women.

These are undeniable advantages of Testosterone Enanthate Genesis – its moderate cost, high anabolic activity and intense androgens. The drug is useful as bodybuilders and weightlifters and athletes in other sports. With the help provided by the active weight gain and water accumulation at the same time, reducing the load on the joints. This is especially true for the security forces.

Other properties includes the properties like vigor and vitality, the desire to train. He remains active in the body for a long time compared with injection drug propionate allows for less.

This will prevent the serious side effects of gynecomastia, the excessive accumulation of fluid and pressure increases.

Under the recommended testosterone enanthate give the best effect with a moderate recoil dose and minimal side effects. In excessive doses can be more serious consequences of the above, and more.
Value with intense workouts and diet sports you will never regret buying. The result of the injection is not satisfied with an athlete. s application testosterone enanthate


Before taking you must clearly understand the goals and objectives of the course. Steroid dose is allowed for most of the athletes is considered to be 250 to 750 mg per week. individual dose for injection is determined based on the total level of training of the athlete, and preferably after consultation with a qualified professional.

When you have made the decision puncture testosterone enanthate, it is easy to carry out the reception. Injections are placed once a week in the buttocks, and the drug must be preheated. The series of injections may be performed as one (a steroid) or in combination with other topical androgens and anabolics.
It can be combined with nandrolone, trenbolone, methandienona, oksimetalona and others. In this case it will be the cumulative effect of the action of drugs is greater than the sum of the effects of their individual work.

Women make Testosterone Enanthate Genesis which is not recommended due to high androgen. Even a minimal increase in the concentration of the hormone in the woman’s body leads to negative consequences (virilization symptoms). The athletes who are just beginners, should start a course of steroids slowly, with small doses, giving your body time to adapt and to check individual tolerance.

The course duration is 6-8 weeks on average, and in some cases delayed until 12. But can afford only experienced athletes who are familiar with the impact of steroids have on your body. During long-term courses, in addition to the mandatory anti-estrogens also used Gonadotropin. Follow the recommendations which can be done without the strong impact on the endocrine system effects, and quickly restore natural testosterone production.


For a long time the drug confirms the good reputation of enanthate. If you already have the experience of taking the medicine, we are pleased to read your comments. The powerful effect of the drug and a small risk of side effects make it popular among athletes of different levels of training.


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