Sodium Chloride Flush Syringe, 9mg/mL, Needleless, Entire Syringe sterile in Individual Peel Pouch, 10mL, 30 Syringes/Box

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Item Code: 008937
Mfg Part #: 306553
This product does not require a verified medical license to purchase.
Unit of Measure Box
Medical License Required Yes
Brand Name BD PosiFlush™
Container Prefilled syringe
Protect from Light and/or Freezing No
Size 10 mL
Strength 0.009
Therapeutic Class Nutritional/Chemical/Water
Form SD
Type Sterile Packaging


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Only BD PosiFlush Saline Syringe (#306553) may be placed on a sterile field.  Specially manufactured adn terminally sterilized in its peel-apart pouch for asceptic presentation to a  sterile field.  Other BD prefilled syringes are autoclaved to sterilize the solution and fluid path – the syringe itself is not in a sterile package.