Oregon Grape / Oz

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Oregon Grape / Oz

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A powerful and potent combination of two standard strains with a taste all its own, Oregon Grape is a special clone-only variety that came out of the Pacific Northwest. This Hawaiian Purple Kush and Pitbull cross was bred among the grapes of a respected Pinot Noir vineyard in Oregon. Taking its name from the breeding location and its deep purple buds, this versatile plant gives off the taste of sweet grapes with a spicy hint of Haze. Though a 80/20 sativa-dominant strain, Oregon Pinot Noir gives the effects of a couch-locking indica, providing a noticeable body high best served for nighttime consumption. This strain was popularized by Oregrown as they hunted for quality genetics. Oregon Grape is recommended for nighttime pain relief and its relaxing yet clear-headed effects will calm stress and help you avoid sleepless nights.


Special phenotype of AK-47 x White Widow


Never completely stabilized, it is known for developing hermie flowers late in its growth.


Uncanny, amazingly sweet grape Kool-Aid aroma that surpasses almost any of the Purple grape varieties


Very sweet and enduring grape flavor that almost matches the smell, with a thick, expansive smoke


A fast starter, this strain hits the eyes and body very strongly, providing a sense of warmth and relaxation immediately.  Almost disorienting, it leaves the user tied to a sitting position simply from its power.  Major mood elevation follows quickly, melting away the problems of the day while the warm body effects help to sooth tense muscles.

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