Egis Lidocaine 5% 20g tube cream – a cheaper alternative to Emla

  • Temporary relief of pain & itching
  • Maximum concentration of lidocaine- 5%- for OTC products
  • Lidocaine 5% in a penetrating cream
  • Recommended application time 30 minutes to 1 hr for maximum effect
  • Clear, non-oily gel does not dry out upon application like other products

Double-Blind Study

  • A double-blind study done by the Department of Oral Medical and Surgical Sciences at the University of British Columbia compared the numbing effects of Lidocaine 5% and Emla cream. In the study, researchers applied the creams to patients’ mouths and then measured the depth of pain-free probing in the premolar region.

Patients who received Lidocaine 5% experienced pain-free probing for 1.9 mm. However, patients who were given Emla cream did not experience pain until a depth of 2.8 mm.