Cerebrum Comp a 10×1 Ml

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Cerebrum Comp A by Wala

10x one millilitre amps box


Vegetative dystonia, depression, arterial sclerosis, MS, Parkinson s sickness, deficiency of memory, nervous exhaustion and totally different geriatric indications. Improves brain perform. Improves memory, concentration, mental fatigue. Some parents are using Cerecomp for autistic children and learning disabilities.


1 cc contains: cerebellum bovis Gl Dil. D8 0,1 g (HAB, Vs. 41a); Corpora quadrigemina bovis Gl Dil. D8 0,1 g (HAB, Vs. 41a); hypophysis bovis Gl Dil. D8 0,1 g (HAB, Vs. 41a); Iris bovis Gl Dil. D8 0,1 g (HAB, Vs. 41b); medulla bovis Gl Dil. D8 0,1 g (HAB, Vs. 41a); nervus opticus bovis Gl Dil. D8 0,1 g (HAB, Vs. 41a); tissue layer et Chorioidea bovis Gl Dil. D8 0,1 g (HAB, Vs. 41c); thalamus bovis Gl Dil. D8 0,1 g (HAB, Vs. 41a)

Contraindications: None known.

Side effects: Skin reactions may occur in occasional cases; in such cases, do not continue medical aid with this preparation.

Interactions with completely different medication:None known.


In general, 3-1 times weekly one ampule i.m., s.c., i.d., if necessary also i.v.

Pharmacological and clinical notes

Cerebrum suis (cerebrum)

Conditions of mental exhaustion, disturbances in development, disturbances of cerebral circulation and also the associated useful weakness of the brain.

Embryo suis (embryo)

Revitalization, arteriosclerosis.

Hepar suis (liver)

Stimulation of the detoxicating hepatic function.

Placenta suis placenta)

Disturbances of the peripheral circulation.

Kalium phosphoricum (potassium phosphate)

Remedy for affections of the cerebral perform, improves memory in arterial sclerosis vertigo tinnitus aurium.

Selenium (selenium)

Improvement of the cerebral perform, forgetfulness, lack of concentration.

Thuja (Arbor vitae)

Constitutional remedy for deficiency of memory, problem to seek out words, and other speech disorders.

Bothrops lanceolatus (yellow viper)

Speech and memory disorders.

Acidum phosphoricum (phosphoric acid)

Physical and mental exhaustion, poor memory.

China (Peruvian bark)

Conditions of exhaustion, remedy for debility, anaemia.

Manganum phosphoricum (manganese phosphate)

Weak memory, conditions of exhaustion with anaemia.

Magnesium phosphoricum (magnesium phosphate)

Tendency towards cramps, neuralgia.

Anacardium (Malacca nut)

Weak memory, vertigo, lack of concentration, hallucinations.

Conium (spotted hemlock)

Vertigo, tremor, speech disorders, weak memory.

Luesinum-Nosode (luesinum nosode)

Weak memory, fear, depression, serious headaches.

Medorrhinum-Nosode (medorrhinum nosode)

Weak memory, nervousness, morning exhaustion, frontal headaches, concern of darkness.

Hyoscyamus (henbane)

Confused states, (delirium tremens, Korsakoff’s psychosis), grimacing, sleeplessness.

Aconitum (monkshood)

Conditions of restlessness and anxiety, neuralgia.

Ambra (amber)

Vertigo, hyperexcitability, lack of concentration and poor memory.

Sulfur (sulphur)

Reagent, stimulation of the enzyme functions, problem in falling asleep and remaining asleep through the night.

Kalium bichromicum (potassium dichromate)

Vertigo, frontal headache.

Gelsemium (wild jasmine)

Headache (pain at intervals the os, sensation of a good band being tied spherical the head), vertigo, stupor, pain at intervals the eyeballs.

Ruta (rue)

Asthenopia with burning of the eyes, headache once overstraining the eyes, antisclerotic agent.

Arnica (mountain arnica)

Toning action on the blood vessel system.

Aesculus (horse chestnut)

Regulates the peripheral circulation and body fluid flow, capillarity.

The cerebrum compositum not only directs toward rising the complete cerebral perform, together with the memory, but also towards the prevention or improvement of circulatory disturbances arising from arterial sclerosis with the consecutive lowering of cerebral capability not only within the aged but in addition in underdeveloped children showing a poor performance in school, more as for stress.

Also preparations like Tonico-Injeel (physical weakness), Neuro-Injeel (improvement of mental functions), Lymphomyosot (stimulation of the Iymphatic drainage) and others are going to be interpolated; once there is a suspicion of precancerous|metastatic tumor disease of the skin or formation of neoplasm, conjointly the preparations coenzyme compositum ampoules, Ubichinon compositum ampoules, Thyreoidea compositum and probably additionally Glyoxal compositum (possibly injected only once). the advance of the cerebral and neural functions which could be achieved by suggests that of cerebrum compositum is in addition found to be favourable at intervals the widest sort of organic diseases of the system, particularly in association with other antihomotoxic therapeutic measures (Galium-Heel, etc.), also as for migraine.

The dose is adjusted to keep with the illness, the clinical look and also the stage of the illness. At the beginning of treatment, one ampul i.m., s.c. and probably also i.v. every 2 days (3 times weekly), later sometimes one ampul i.m. once weekly, alternating with other preparations indicated.

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