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Origins / ancestries

A true A-list cannabis strain. Blueberry’s legendary status soared to new heights when claiming the High Times’ Cannabis Cup 2000 for Best Indica. The long history of the strain is derived back to the late Seventies once american stock raiser DJ Short was working with a range of exotic landrace strains. Blueberry’s cultivation the genetic science are passed around, due in massive part to DJ Short working with multiple seed banks and breeders. The sweet flavors of recent blueberries mix with relaxing effects to provide a durable sense of euphoria. several customers utilize Blueberry to assist contend with pain and stress, whereas connoisseurs and growers admire the strain for its colourful hues and high THC content.


Bubblegum x DJ Short’s Blueberry


Bred by Sagarmatha Seeds


A classic, sticky dark green indica with terribly fat, bubbly calyxes.


Very sweet, will easily detect the Bubblegum scent. Moderate pungency.


Bubble gum dominant, sweet not berry. a bit harsh and induced coughing. Flavor was only found on “green” hits, not really strong.


Strong body high, almost immediately. Provided a really significant experience, eyes and head. strong couchlock and space-out tendencies, that increased an hour in. This wasn’t a “clean” experience, rather an important and somewhat muddled one.

No energetic mind-racing effects.

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