Azolol British Dispensary (5 Mg/tab) 400 Tabs, Price is Each Per Bottle!



Product: Androlic Tablets
Manufacturer: British Dispensary
Quantity: 5 mg/tablet
Pack: 400 tablets

Steroid cycle: cutting, bulking

Active substance: Stanozolol



Azolol – anabolic steroid that comes in pill form. The active ingredient of the drug is stanozolol – artificial steroid, that could be a derivative of testosterone.
AZOLOL: effect ON THE physical body

One of the most effects of the drug is taken into account that the formation of muscle relief. It helps burn fat excretion of excess fluid, will increase appetence. One advantage is its ability to considerably increase the performance of endurance and strength in athletes.

If you observe the effect once used for drying Azolol courses relevant, as a result of it burns quickly, without water retention and fat, will increase muscle.

This anabolic androgenic Thai and is usually recommended for athletes who need to extend lean muscle mass within the shortest time. Its action is active tissue metabolism, promotes the preservation of calcium within the body and deposition in bones. It additionally permits the body to accumulate different helpful elements like sulfur, phosphorus, nitrogen, potassium, that is often useful.

The active ingredient of the tablets Azolol are – Stanozolol – which was developed by Winthrop Laboratories in 1962 and was originally sold-out under the name Winstrol. The drug was originally used medicinal functions, and solely later began to use their counterparts bodybuilders and different athletes. Today, the recognition of such drugs among athletes is sort of high because of the steroid much more efficient at the reception that the spectacular results.


The daily dose of oral steroids ought to be 30-60 mg per day. assuming it’s, dividing the daily dose into 2 elements (morning and evening) when meals with water.

From the educational Azolol tablets with a suggested minimum dose, that is then to extend to the desired throughout the week (this could be a purpose of controversy, as some athletes say that even the utilization of the background to the drug best results). the simplest course of taking these pills ought to be 5-6 weeks. long term use “verses” is suggested solely in injectable type.

The rate of daily Azolol ought to step by step decrease towards the top of the course – throughout the last one.5 weeks. If you wish {the best|the simplest|the most resultive} effect of burning fat, you must use the sports nutrition and sports to decide on correct fat burners like clenbuterol to enhance the action of the tablets.

Taking Azolol together with different medicine within the class? they’re absolutely combined with strong androgens – testosterone, oxymetholone, methandienone, and not solely that. These mixtures give superior anabolic result together with androgen action, the athlete required. The drug combination with androgen flavorings (eg, trenbolone) also can get an honest result on drying time.

Reviews indicate that the use of this drug makes the muscles stronger and relief. The drug has long been present within the market and its position in terms of recognition isn’t approved. Despite the growing variety of oldsters from completely different manufacturers, these steroid tablets are still in fitness with a professional and participate in amateur level athletes.


Reviews of an oversized range of athletes who take anabolic steroids, does not disagree substantially from each other. This anabolic loved by several athletes as a result of the wonderful quality of the company, the british dispensary (Thailand).

Even at a worth significantly Azolol compared with similar product from different firms isn’t a barrier to sturdy demand for the drug, that testifies to considerable quality.

This and different anabolic androgenic steroids and demand among athletes involved in power sports. This preparation of the pill will be thought of indispensable throughout any cycle during recruitment huge strength and endurance, for drying. Its dose as a ratio – 0.2 mg per one kilo athlete helps reduce the amount of globulin will increase quantitative measuring of free testosterone within the blood by using molecules that additionally play a task within the course.

If you wish a good drug with glorious fat burning – you want to obtain Azolol, reviews that make sure their quality. To activate the method of burning fat within the body additionally should notice the rationale for the action and support for medicine that receive (trenbolone, testosterone propionate, clenbuterol and others), the correct to exercise and eat.

It ought to be noted that as is commonly use steroids and athletes concerned in power sports. this can be because of the very fact that usually don’t cause deviations dangerous when they are athletes. The phenomena of virilization isn’t excluded, but even so the danger is taken into account minimal. although there are exceptions.


Some time past, to shop for medicine work stanozolol substance was quite problematic. nowadays Azolol sale on our web site are carried out on a free basis, that permits them to simply acquire and definitely to not implement it.
There are some contraindications for Azolol not eliminate aspect effects of its application. In some cases, athletes talk about the rise in blood pressure. This violation is removed fairly easily exploitation antihypertensive medicine. Not excluded and joint pain, because the active ingredient promotes the excretion of fluids from the body. Therefore, throughout the reception once performing exercises ought to refrain from trading on an outsized scale.

The preparation is also toxic to the liver, and is rented by 17-alpha. The negative impact on the female body will manifest in action within the cycle and ovarian operate (oppression). However, if we tend to take into account the review Azolol, one thing that happens fairly often, as a result of the aspect effects rare in men – skin physiological condition, sex hormone disorders. In general, contraindications to the employment of those pills very are: kidney failure, age, pregnancy, lactation, coronary heart disease.

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