Asthalin Respule 2.5 mg

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Asthalin Respule 2.5 mg relaxes the respiratory muscles in the lungs and widens the airways, making breathing easier.

Asthalin Respule 2.5 mg

$114.00 Sales Tax

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                                           Asthalin Respule 2.5 mg


Asthalin Respule 2.5 mg relaxes the respiratory muscles in the lungs and widens the airways, making breathing easier. It helps shortness of breath caused by bronchitis or constricted airways. Asthma and COPD are restrictive respiratory disorders in which the airways constrict, swell, and generate excess mucus, causing difficulties breathing and prompting cough.

What does Asthalin Respulin contain?

Salbutamol, a bronchodilator, is included in Asthalin Respules 2.5 mg. It makes breathing easier by calming the respiratory muscles and enlarging the lungs’ airways. Patients with asthma or COPD who have laboured or difficult breathing should take this medication. As a result, it aids in the relief of chest tightness, cough.  It also reduces difficulty breathing during or after an activity or workout.

Necessary steps before taking Asthalin Respule 2.5 mg

Make an effort not to quit taking your own meds. It’s important to tell your doctor about this because it might create withdrawal symptoms. If you have lung illness, muscular weakness, a sleeping condition or insomnia, or serious liver disease, it is better not to take this medicine.

Asthalin Respules 2.5 mg may pass into breast milk, but its impact is uncertain, thus you must take it only after consulting a doctor. Because the safety and effectiveness of Asthalin Respules 2.5 mg in pregnancy is not totally done, yet pregnant women or those expecting to get pregnant should only use it if the doctor has recommended it in an emergency situation.

Ways you should use Asthalin Respule 2.5 mg

One inhalation of Asthalin Respules 5×2.5 ml can be given as a single dosage, but if necessary, two inhalations can be given. Higher doses than two inhalations may be utilised if the reaction is insufficient. 

Two inhalations three or four times a day is the max suggested dosage. Oral pill: The Asthalin Respules 5×2.5 ml tablet should be taken without food, preferably on an empty stomach. With just a glass of water, it should be consumed completely. It should not be chewed, bit, or broken. Health history condition, your doctor will tell exactly how often you should take your medications.

  • Asthalin Respule 2.5 mg

    General information:

    Manufacturer: Gen-Shi Laboratories, Japan
    Substance: Human chorionic gonadotropin
    Pack: 1 vial of 5000iu

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