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Alien Purple OG was created when crossing a male of Alien Kush with the significant effects of Tahoe OG. best-known for having lovely dark purple leaves and being covered in trichomes, Purple Alien OG produces thick conical buds. Tones of pine, earth, and citrus mix to form a pungent flavor with powerful relaxing effects that are typically suggested to those with symptoms of sleep disorder, nausea, and chronic pain.


Tahoe OG Kush x Alien Kush, the Alien Kush male is Alien Technology-dominant


Alien Technology could be a terribly special landrace Afghani strain that was brought back fairly recently by a U.S. soldier from an unknown tiny village in Afghanistan. the other components of the equation are Kyle Kushman’s Las Vegas Purple Kush and also the original Tahoe OG cut, that several believe to be the first OG. This cross was created by Swerve of Cali connection.


Spicy, with notes of piney vegetation, and soil — it’s hints of sweetness from the LVPK also.


Piney sweetness with a hint of Kushy spice that hangs within the back of your throat instead of hitting the tongue at the forefront.


Starting off nearly rushy sometimes, the Sativa nature undoubtedly comes out early during this cross. very strong ocular attention and facial/head pressure created it feel a bit overwhelming or bleary sometimes despite its clear and even-handed mental state. The relaxed body and thoughtful, philosophical mindstate this strain provides makes this one good for quiet conversations with friends, reading, or being artistic. Overall it looks like a pretty even hybrid, bringing out a lot of of the Indica because it progressed. suggested for ocular attention, general relaxation, joint/hand pain, head ache relief, and possible advantages with ADHD/ADD and different attention disorders.

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